Nyaniso, pronounced (nya-nee-so) is more than a clothing line; it’s a movement, lifestyle, through process, and philosophy. The main goals of the Nyaniso brand are the advancement of knowledge, culture, and truth. In fact, in various South African dialects truth is the literal translation of Nyaniso. This cultural movement seeks to help bring about the self-improvement of the individual and promote progressive change.

The Nyaniso message is meant to enlighten, evoke positive thought, and a feeling of pride and unity; however, as message is extremely important, it must also coexist with exceptional style and artwork. Nyaniso, is about the visual and the mental. Style, by itself, is incomplete and thus one dimensional; the same is true for messages. To complete the creative whole the meaning and art must be combined together, one without the other lacks the total impact.

Artistically, Nyaniso’s African inspired urban designs can best be described as a blend of gritty and rough styles juxtaposed against a clean and slick overall feel that will consistently achieve exceedingly high standards. This brand of thought provoking design transcends beyond clothing to wearable pieces of art.

Nyaniso will provide the tools that will hopefully inspire those to learn from the knowledge of the past and understand the possibilities of the future. In life, there is no greater form of self-expression than what you wear. If you live it, why not wear it? If you don't live it, why not let this be the first step to learn it? You are what you wear, it might as well be truth. Wear truth.

Vance Alleyne